All payments are non-refundable. When booking your service, please keep in mind that you MUST email me your project details by the date of your booking. Failure to do so will result in a $20 late fee. Please note that a copy must be submitted verbatim as you wish it to be on your design. Design processing time is 5- 10 business days and starts from the date you booked. At the end of that time period, you will receive a draft for your edits. All services are allowed ONE FREE round of revisions. Meaning, you can request an unlimited amount of changes in a single email.  Additional edits will result in a $10 revision fee per change. If during the revision stages you choose to switch your design concept from what was originally booked, you will be fined the exact cost of your service. A change as such is classified as a redesign and not a revision. After receiving an email of your draft, if you exceed 48 hours without a response your design will be terminated and you will be emailed the last version edited. If you wish to continue working on that design you must rebook that service. No exceptions. All remaining fees must be paid prior to the completion of your service.


Reminder: The date and time that you select for your booking does not indicate a consultation or call will take place at that time. It is simply a placeholder to add you to my schedule.

My rights as the designer: When working with kgraphixdesigns, understand that we have the right to share and/or post any version of drafts or final copies that have been done for your project. Your design is subject to be posted across multiple social media platforms, including my website for promotional purposes of the brand.



When working with kgraphixdesigns understand after multiple attempts and edits have been made on your project and you seem to remain unsatisfied due to being indecisive, we have the right to end the project at any point and inform you that you may have to source another designer.



If we feel that you continue to be rude and/or disrespectful after being corrected once, your project will be terminated, and you will be delivered with the work that has been completed up until that point. As a reminder, all payments are non-refundable.